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Your Support Matters

Sponsoring a child in Sarthak Yellow Room
Sponsoring a child under Sarthak School Inclusion
Sponsoring a Yellow Room
Improving the quality of life of children in slums (By giving your valuable time)
Providing digital aid, stationery and other educational material for Sarthak Yellow Room and Sarthak Gurukul
Supporting the education of 1050 children who are in need of it
(CSR tie-up of INR 14734590)


Our aim is to provide the children at the bottom of the pyramid the tools to break the shackles of poverty. Should the accident of birth decide which end of the pyramid you get? What’s the one tool that can level the playing field? Knowledge is the new power. Education is the new revolution. And we will do everything in our power to bring this to our children. Let us make each child educated!!

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