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Scope of work

We work with children in urban slums, construction sites and villages. Our projects are:

  1. Sarthak Yellow Room - children in urban slums, construction sites and villages.
  2. Sarthak Gurukul - formal school for children in villages.


Sarthak Yellow Room -

Our vision is ‘Happy Empowered Children’. Yellow is a colour that exhibits happiness and hope. Yellow is a favourite with children and adds vibrancy to a place. 

We set up permanent transformational study centres in the heart of communities. They are painted yellow to add life to the place and thus we call them Yellow Rooms.

They aim at providing free of cost education and empowerment to all the children living in that community. The Yellow Rooms are operational six days of the week, six hours everyday.

Our method of operation is:

      1.Survey: Conduct a formal survey of the slum/construction site/village and assess the number of children who do not have access to education.

      2.Analyse: Conduct a baseline test to assess their levels of learning.

      3.Classify: Depending on the level of children’s learning, divide them into: Tenderfeet (age3-6), Learners (age 7-11) and Advancers (age 12 +).

      4.Check School Enrolment: Make a list of all non-school going children.

      5.Set Up Yellow Rooms: Take up rooms on rent inside the community and paint them yellow in colour. We display four themes - gender, animal, cleanliness and abuse on the walls. Each room has a library, science posters and a creative corner.

      6. Run Programmes: The programmes that run in Sarthak Yellow Rooms are :

              1. Sarthak Happy Transformation
              2. Sarthak Holistic Education 
              3. Sarthak School Inclusion
              4. Sarthak Skill and Empower
              5. Sarthak Educator Training


Sarthak Happy Transformation :

Human beings have taken birth to be happy and peaceful and to love, share and care. It is essential that we experience all this since childhood so that it becomes a part of us. Our Happy Transformation programme focusses on -

  • Empathy, Peace and Happiness
  • Sharing and Caring (Pay It Forward /Mentor-Mentee /Padho Padhao - Learn and Teach)
  • Ethics and Value Building
  • Becoming Gender Sensitive
  • Life Skills (Formation of ‘Bachon Ki Panchayat’ - Children Government)
  • Kindness to Animals
  • Awareness of Civic Sense and Social Issues                     


Sarthak Holistic Education :

Children in these communities have almost negligible exposure to education. In order to bring them at par with children studying in formal schools, a lot of emphasis has to be given to subject learning. All our classes are digitally equipped.

We do this by creating an interactive and creative learning environment for the children. We use ‘learning by understanding and doing’ approach and focus on developing -

  • Linguistic Skills (Special focus on oral communication - Using British Council )
  • Aptitude Skills (On the lines of Olympiad)
  • Analytical Skills and Awareness (Using newspapers)
  • Scientific Skills (Vikram Sarabhai Science Modules)
  • Sports, Arts, Craft, Dance and Music
  • Digital Classes in all Yellow Rooms
  • Corporate Exposure (Hospitality, Telecom, Banking, FMCG to name a few)


Sarthak School Inclusion :

After children complete first year with us, we -

      • Conduct an entrance test to shortlist children who are eligible for Sarthak School Scholarship.
      • For all children enrolled at Yellow Rooms since one year.
        1. Admission to private English medium schools and sponsor their entire education through Sarthak School Scholarship
        2. Use Right to Education Act for eligible children
        3. For all the remaining, enrol them to the nearest government school
      • Ensure that no child drops out of school.
      • Monitor the progress and attendance of every child every month by actively interacting with school management.
      • Prepare them for entrance of residential schools like Vidyagyaan, Navodaya to name a few.


Our rate of making children from non-school going to school going is 95% within first two years of setting up a Yellow Room.


Sarthak Skill and Empower :

One of our objectives is to make children self-sustainable. We want that they come employable so that they are empowered to take care of themselves and their families. In 2019, we initiated our Skill and Empower programme where we are tying up with corporates to run modules for our children which will give an exposure about that industry. It would also help them pick up basic skills needed to join that industry.

We also prepare them for professional courses.

We enrol them with short term courses like computer, martial arts, dancing and other similar courses.

We are also tying up with skill institutes to train our children for specific skills that would make them employable in the future.


Sarthak Educator Training :

Every week, a training-meeting is organised for the Educators of all the Yellow Rooms where they come together and exchange their ideas. There are two trainers who train them for skills to handle the classes effectively. There is a training module that we have which ensures that Educators are honed with skills needed to handle and educate children in a nice and happy manner.

Scope of work

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