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Our vision is ‘Happy Empowered Children’. Yellow is a color that exhibits happiness and hope. Yellow is a favorite with children and adds vibrancy to a place. We set up permanent transformational centers in the heart of communities. They are painted yellow to add life to the place and thus we call them Yellow Rooms. They aim at providing free of cost education and empowerment to all the children living in that community.

Project Since: 2013

Number of Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries: 4500

The Yellow Rooms are operational six days of the week, seven hours every day. All our classes are digitally equipped.

Our method of operation is:

  • Survey: Conduct a formal survey of the slum/construction site/village and assess the number of children who do not have access to education
  • Analyse: Conduct a baseline test to assess their levels of learning
  • Classify: Depending on the level of children’s learning, divide them into: Tenderfeet (age3-6), Learners (age 7-11) and Advancers (age 12 +).
  • Check School Enrolment: Make a list of all non-school going children.
  • Set Up Yellow Rooms: Take up rooms on rent inside the community and paint them yellow in colour. We display four themes - gender, animal, cleanliness and abuse on the walls. Each room has a library, science posters and a creative corner.

The programmes that run in Sarthak Yellow Rooms are :

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