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Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Foundation is to reach out to children in economically marginalised communities (EMC) and provide them equal platform and opportunities to a happy life, good education and empowered future and in the process, make them empathetic human beings.


Direct Beneficiaries:

Year Sarthak Yellow Rooms Sarthak Gurukul Total
2019 800 250 1050
2020 1000 400 1400
2025 3500 1000 4500


Indirect Beneficiaries:

Year Sarthak Yellow Rooms Sarthak Gurukul Total
2019 3200 750 3950
2020 4000 1200 5200
2025 15000 3000 18000
  1. By 2025, Sarthak Foundation will be able to impact the lives of 4500 children from slums, construction sites and villages.
    • By 2025, 3500 children in slums and construction sites (in states of India that fair poorly on Human Development Index) will have free access to Transformational Yellow Rooms.
    • By 2025, Sarthak Gurukul will be able to impact education of 1000 children living in rural areas.
  2. 80% of these 4500 will attain the professional and technical skills to become employed by the time they turn 21.
  3. To ensure enrolment of 95% of children who have been enrolled for more than a year in Sarthak Yellow Rooms into formal schools so that they have access to quality education irrespective of their financial and situational constraint.
  4. To maintain an average of 97% attendance in Yellow Rooms that have been set up before 2019.
  5. Children enrolled in Yellow Rooms and Sarthak Gurukul (4500) will-
    • develop life skills which will help them become sustainable.
    • turn out to be a youth that is sensitive to civic issues and is violence free.
    • enjoy the right to play and a happy childhood.
    • Break gender norms among children.
    • become effective communicators and develop aptitude and analytical skills.
    • become ethical, sensitive and empathetic human beings.
    • make their lives empowered and also pay back to the society.
    • Become Employed youth who would do justice to their job due to a perfect combination of technical and soft skills.
    • Be Happy children and youth who would have spent a physically and mentally healthy childhood.
    • be sensitive to issues around them in their communities and also know the means to take corrective action and respond.
Goals and Objectives



  • Develop right values
  • Conscious towards their hygiene and health.
  • Start going to formal schools.
  • Witness a reduction in the rate of abuse
  • Girls become more hygienic during menstrual cycle
  • Become more confident people
  • Become more career focused
  • Exposure to outdoor activities and participate in sports and physical fitness.
  • Develop hobbies like drawing, painting, creative craft making, reading, playing sports and games, dance, music, photography and many other.
  • Develop soft skills like leadership, team working, patience, focus and many more.


  • Children receive free of cost education in the centres. This means their notebooks, pencils, drawing books, crayons, colours, erasers are being taken care of by us.
  • Receive story books for their reading sessions.
  • Have indoor and outdoor games.
  • Treat them to healthy food.
  • We take care of their school requirements, which mean the school fees, uniform, books and notebooks.
  • Supply girls with pads for menstrual cycle.
  • Through health camps being organised, children lead a healthier life.
  • Provide clothes, toys and other requirements to children.

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