Round Table India Sarthak Gurukul is an initiative of Sarthak Foundation and Sahyog-Indian Council for PPP. It is being supported by Round Table India and a lot of wonderful people.



  • Lucknow Mavericks Round Table 255 is part of Round Table India (RTI).
  • RTI is an organization of nonpolitical and nonsectarian welcoming young men, aged between 18 and 40.
  •  It aims to promote service, fellowship and goodwill in National and International affairs. Round Table India provides a range of social and community service related opportunities through the Fellowship of its members.
  •  The Tablers of RTI form friendship, shape lives and make substantial difference in the lives of people, beyond the organization itself.
  • In 1998, Round Table India adopted ‘FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION’ as its National Project in pursuit of educating underprivileged children
  • During last 18 years, we’ve built…2371 Schools5736 Classrooms to benefit over 5.92 million children over 25 years of life cycle of these schools.

About Sahyog – Indian Council for PPP

Mr. RK Misra founded SAHYOG – Indian Council for Public Private Partnership, to bring together public policy experts, government agencies and Social Entrepreneurs to promote sustainable and scalable initiatives in the areas of Urban Infrastructure, Health & Education, Rural Livelihood and Renewable Energy.

Mr. RK Misra has also given the land for the construction of school to Sarthak Foundation.


Round Table India has always been helpful. LMRT 255 is helping us construct classrooms and toilet blocks at Sarthak Gurukul. Lucknow Mavericks Round Table 255 is part of Round Table India (RTI). RTI is an organization of non‐political and non‐sectarian welcoming young men, aged between 18 and 40. In 1998, Round Table India adopted ‘FREEDOM THROUGH EDUCATION’ as its National Project in pursuit of educating underprivileged children.


Project Since:2016

Number of Beneficiaries: Children from 10 Villages “Gurukul is a formal learning structure set up in village where primary children have no access to schools. An After School Free Classes also runs in Gurukul catering to all the children in that village and in neighbourhood villages to help them cope up with school curriculum.”

We have established a low fee primary school where quality education is provided to children of Sonari and nearby villages. (Sonari is a village in the district of Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh). It has been observed that there are no good schools in that vicinity due to which the foundation of education remains weak for a lot of children.

A lot of villages in Uttar Pradesh lack good education facilities, due to which the children either drop out of schools or move to other districts or cities for better schooling. The worst affected are the girls who are forced to drop out due to lack of schools within the villages.

There are some basic reasons why we started a school in Sonari. Sonari has a rural BPO functioning, which has been providing livelihood to a lot of young boys and girls in that area. The challenge that the BPO faces is getting well-educated youth to work. We have already been running a Sarthak Study Centre for the children of Sonari since 2016.

The intention is to create a model where children from villages do not have to move out of their villages to search for education and employment.

The school revolves on one SIMPLE mission













The school works towards:

  • Making children responsible towards their community
  • Sensitising them towards good behaviour with people and understanding equality
  • Maintaining good health and hygiene for a better living
  • Becoming interested in nature and environment and taking care of it
  • Learning to control their negative emotions and channelizing them into a positive direction
  • Imbibing good manners and practicing them with fellows.
  • Letting them experience the fun of learning. Let school be a place where children enjoy what they learn.

The working method of the school is:

  • Learning through activities and playing
  • Doing it together with sharing and caring
  • Enjoying peace and quiet moments
  • Experiencing the joy of learning
  • Helping other children to learn through a support model
  • Playing the role of a mentor, confidante for schoolmates

Education in the school:

  • The school has 207 children
  • Environment in school supports the social, spiritual, emotional and physical development of children in a balanced manner
  • Uses physical exercises, tasks that are practical and games to encourage learning subjects
  • Teaches to embrace interpersonal social skills with respect to fellows and understanding differences and respecting them
  • Has no comparisons, no stressful studies and no rankings among children


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