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After working satisfactorily, for more than three years, for the education of around 400 children living in slums and villages in Uttar Pradesh, Sarthak Foundation takes the privilege of inviting a responsible citizen like you to become a part of 'Sarthak Guardians’.

These last three years have been a touching experience for us where we have seen children transforming from ragpickers and labourers into enthusiastic learners and envisioning a future for themselves. It has made us more confident of our model and the change it is have been working without much external aid but we now need to expand our work for which we need your support and help.

We have experienced that small contributions make big impacts too. A movie/coffee outing or a dinner outside does not pinch the pocket, but for us it is this amount that helps children continue their entire month’s education.

  • As a Sarthak Guardian, you would be a Guide to the Foundation and a Funder to the children’s education.
  • You will be making a difference in the lives of children who are devoid of their basic right to education.
  • You would participate in giving advise to the functioning of the project. (As per your availability).
  • You would financially support the education of the children (*monthly/quarterly/annually any amount as per your convenience).
  • You can share your experiences with the children and listen to theirs as per your convenience (physically or online).
  • You will get updates about the progress on monthly basis. If you wish to get updated more frequently, we would be happy to.
  • You can interact with other Sarthak Guardians as per your interest to increase your social network (through gatherings organised by us or through social media).
  • You will be made aware of the area in which your contribution has been utilised.
  • You can withdraw your guardianship at any point of time, however, we would expect commitment for a year.
  • If you allow us, we would also like to mention your name under the Guardian section on our website.

You can also choose the field in which you would want your donation to be spent -

  • Center Support (caters to education of around 80 children)
  • School Sponsorship of children
  • Events of Foundation
  • Operation cost of the Foundation

If you wish to become a part of this cause and touch the lives of so many children who need your help, kindly let us know when would be a good time to speak with you.

*Sarthak Foundation is a registered society and is 12A and 80G approved. For all contributions made, you will receive tax exemptions under Indian Income Tax.

Stay Blessed

Kshama Hastak

President - Sarthak Foundation

+91-9839561301 / 9984031039