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Sonari Outreach

This is our fourth centre but our first rural centre. We have more than two hundred students in this centre. Sonari is a small village near Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh. This village also has a rural BPO, run by some other organization. The objective is to develop a model where education leads to employment generation within the village.

Munshi Pulia Outreach

This is the third centre started by us and we have around seventy children in this centre. It is a huge slum and requires more than one centre to cover all the children. We intend to set up another centre in this area very soon. The children of this area are very creative and enjoy craft making.

Chinhat Bazar Outreach

This is the second centre started by our team. Chinhat Bazar is a small area in Lucknow, resided by beggars and people who play in bands during marriage processions. Currently, we have more than eighty children in this project. We give a lot of focus on hygiene and cleanliness, as this is a major issue in this area.


This is the first centre started by our team under Educate A Child. Currently, we have more than seventy children in this centre. We conduct classes six days a week and also focus on extra curricular activities like dancing, singing and craft making.