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You can work with us/intern with us/volunteer with us for:


  • The person will be responsible for making lesson plans for two groups – Basic Learners (Tenderfeet) and Advanced Learners (Advancers). Tenderfeet comprises of children who had no access to education and Advancers comprises of children who have some basic knowledge of the subject.
  • The person will have to prepare plans for English /Mathematics / Hindi / General Awareness / Health and Hygiene / Etiquette and Manners.
  • The lesson plans should have title of the plan, duration required to complete the plan, objective of the lesson, material required.
  • The lesson plans have to be activity based. Since our bent is on Creative Learning, methods of creative learning have to be incorporated in the lesson plans.
  • The lesson plan should also have homework to be given to children.
  • The lesson plans should be practical and use various learning visual and hearing aids.
  • The lesson plans should focus on cognitive style of learning and not the regular pattern of mugging up and learning.
  • The lesson plans have to be in sync with the syllabus of normal schooling.


  • The person will have to devise plans to reach out to the corporate and engage the employees.
  • The plan will have to be an association between the employees and the children of the Foundation.
  • The person will liasion with the corporates and share the plan with them.
  • The person will approach minimum two corporates everyday.
  • The person will have to ensure the execution of the plan once a corporate agrees to participate.


  • Devise effective ways of raising funds for the Foundation.
  • The person should be updated with any government schemes that are taken out in the field of education.
  • Devise ways to collaborate with corporates and approach them with the plan.
  • Ensure collaboration with international and national donor agencies to fund the projects.
  • Undertake online research and build contacts with potential individual donors and raise funds for the activities of the organization.
  • Organize or provide assistance in organizing any fundraising events for the Foundation
  • The persons will be incentivized on the basis of the funds raised by them.


  • The person will have to work towards the betterment of the community of the slums where we have our centers.
  • Work for the cleanliness by carrying out drives and involving the officials.
  • Work for hygienic conditions of the community.
  • Find out about programs/trainings that would help the females earn some income.
  • Identify basic issues with the community like not having ration cards, not having bank accounts or not having Aadhar cards and follow it up with the concerned authorities to ensure that it happens.
  • `Work on making the conditions of the slums more livable.


  • Making videos of the slums to show the real conditions and showcasing these videos on the right platform.
  • Making videos of the stories of the parents and the challenges they face in their daily life.
  • Making videos of the stories of children and bringing them out to the world to know what dreams and aspirations these children have and how difficult it is for them to realize them in their current situations.
  • The person will also be responsible for preparing videos for crowd funding.
  • The person will also be responsible for working on crowd funding and ensuring the execution of the same.


  • The person will visit colleges where MSW and B. Ed are taught. Other colleges can also be targeted but in the second priority.
  • The persons will have to speak with the authority (Head of the Department) to speak with students.
  • A fifteen-minute presentation will have to be made in front of the students informing them about our work.
  • The objective is to increase the awareness of our work and solicit volunteers/employees to join us.
  • After the presentation, a feedback has to be taken of students who show inclination.
  • A poster will have to be posted on the notice board for spreading more information.


  • As a part of profile raising, Sarthak Foundation keeps organizing events from time to time.
  • The person would be responsible for planning events for the Foundation.
  • The person will also be responsible for executing the event with the help of other volunteers of the Foundation.
  • The event should be well planned at least 15 days before it is executed.
  • The person will spread the information about the event and liasion with concerned authorities to make the event a success.


  • The volunteer will have to be in regular touch with the donors and the volunteers.
  • The volunteer will have to inform the donors and volunteers about the progress of the Foundation on a bi-weekly basis through whatsapp/messages.
  • The volunteer will also have to innovate ways of engaging this audience on regular basis.
  • The volunteer should keep the record updated with any new additions in the volunteer or donor list.
  • The volunteer will have to get in touch with other volunteers or people as and when requirements for volunteers arise.


The person will be responsible for preparing the following MIS:

  • Complete family and educational data of the kids
  • Record of the kids’ progress through class tests
  • Health issues of the kids
  • Volunteers
  • Interested
  • Working
  • Educators
  • Donors (material)
  • Donors (monetary)
  • Course curriculum covered in different centers


  • The person will be responsible for planning extra-curricular activities to be conducted during the weekend.
  • These activities will be a combination of creative learning, sports, martial arts, craft, music and dance.
  • The person will plan the activity and liasion with concerned people to carry it out in all the centers.
  • Each activity should be planned at least five days in advance so that the volunteers can be informed about it.
  • The person will have to explain the volunteers about the activity in detail and assist the volunteers in preparation.
  • The volunteer should also monitor the activity wherever possible to get a feedback and incorporate changes.
  • All these activities will have to be recorded in an MIS with details of the dates and the names of the volunteers who conducted them.

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