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Wish Tree

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  • Name of the event: Wish Tree
  • Date & Date: Once in a quarter
  • Duration: 3hrs
  • Venue: Any prominent market/mall/place
  • To raise gifts from public for children who are cannot afford it
  • To bring voluntary participation from the public towards Sarthak
  • To make people aware about the Sarthak Foundation work and project
Activity Details
  • The activity is organised in any prominent market or a mall
  • A Christmas tree is placed in the heart of the street with balloons tied on it
  • Each balloon has a wish in it
  • People are approached by the team of Sarthak and we detail them about the activity
  • Interested ones are escorted to the tree
  • People are asked to prick a balloon and fulfil the wish of kids
  • The wishes are majorly for toys and stationery, which people can buy from nearby shop and donate
  • The people are asked to share their details, if interested like name, email id, telephone no. etc. for future references and updates
Wish Tree