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Happy Feet

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  • Name of the event: Happy Feet
  • Date & Day: Every second Sunday of the month
  • Duration: 1:30hrs
  • Venue: Lohia Park
  • Number of kids participated: 70
  • To inculcate the habit of healthy living in kids
  • To teach them Yoga and its importance
  • To teach them Zumba on music beats
  • To give them a holistic development
Summary of the Event:
With the intent of inculcating a healthy living and lifestyle Happy Feet is planned on every second Sunday of the month. The activity start in the working at 6am with a small warm-up followed by a 1/2km run. After that Yoga session is conducted so as to teach them the art of breathing and meditation along with exercises. Zumba is carried out on the beats of Bollywood by a professional choreographer, to make feel energetic and fit.
Happy Feet